Sunday, November 30, 2014

Inception Inspection

I mentioned in the last post how much I like Topps Inception cards, no matter if they are football or baseball.  The Inception breaks are usually pretty affordable, and they yield nice, thick stock, usually on card autograph cards. Plus, the patches are usually pretty substantial in the product, and there are a lot of two, three, and even four color patches.

The cards I got in the mail the other day were from a random team style break at Layton Sports Cards. I got a "combo-team," the Bengals and the Falcons. Sometimes people think that getting a combo-team is a kiss of death in a break, but I have actually had a lot of luck with it, and I have seen a lot of awesome pulls for combos.  The truth is none of us truly know what is going to come out of a case, or a box.  That's all part of the fun!

So, on to the cards.

The two base cards I hit were AJ Green and Julio Jones. Both had decent games today.
I also hit a parallel Julio Jones, numbered to 75.
Two very nice hits came my way.  The Freeman card is actually a two color patch auto, even though the two color is a little hard to see.  The Jeremy Hill is a three color patch, which is numbered to 50. The patch is cool because you can tell hit came from the outside of one of the double zeros.
I saved the best hit for last. This is a very nice on card auto of AJ McCarron, numbered to 25!  I don't think McCarron has seen the field this season, and I am not sure he will in Cincinnati as long as Andy Dalton is there.  Although, if Dalton keeps throwing picks like he did today, McCarron could get a shot.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Catching Up on Black Friday!

Hi all. No, the blog is not dead. It's just hard to get to these days. As usual, when I get cards to show off I usually tweet them because it's faster that way!  Regardless, here are some cards I have gotten over the past month and a half or so.  All of these were obtained through group breaks at Layton Sports Cards.  

I need to get a big thank you out first. I have been terrible at checking my collector email and getting back to people.  Jeff from 2x3 Heroes has sent me several cards for my Phillies collection over the past few months. I had the opportunity to meet Jeff at the National and hope to see you again this August! I promise I have some things coming your way...

I always seem to get the White Sox in baseball breaks. For this rookie class, that is a good thing. Whenever there is an Inception break (football or baseball) I try to get in it. Inception is my favorite product that Topps makes.  

This gold Jose Abreu numbered 99/99 is the nicest Inception hit I've gotten yet, in either sport. I suppose it is an "ebay 1/1," due to the numbering. Given that Abreu's values will most likely be decreasing as his rookie appeal wanes, this one is going on sale very soon.
I haven't fared as well with teams in Inception football.  The nicest hit of the past few breaks was this Kelvin Benjamin three color patch numbered 17/75.  The card would have been much more valuable if there was ink on it, but you can't win 'em all!  The Panthers surely know that.
I thought that since Valor looked a lot like Inception I would like them too, but the product, while nice looking, is weak.  If you look below at the card in the middle--the Devonte Freeman jersey, the size of the jersey piece is ridiculously tiny.  Not Topps' best effort.  I still like the design, but I realized that even though they have that look the fact that the cards are paper thin make a huge difference.  Inception cards are on very heavy stock, and that makes them much more substantial.
Oh, thought I'd throw in this picture of the White House at night. I went to DC for a conference a few weeks ago and snapped this picture.  Even though I live only an hour from DC, I never do the "tourist" things.  So I felt that since I was there I should take advantage!
Needless to say, I am glad I did go.  Looking at the fence I don't know how anyone could scale it, though.  I didn't try.
Above are a few 2014 Bowman Platinum cards I pulled from a retail blaster I bought. I have hundreds of BP base, so if anyone needs anything maybe we can work out a deal.
Skipping all around, I got the Bills in a group break recently, where LSC was busing Topps Finest.  I got several Sammy Watkins base rookies which I sold in a lot.
Remember I said I got the White Sox often?  Well, above is another example of something I scored in a 2014 Supreme break.
Here were two Inception White Sox from another break.
Just for good measure, here's two more!
And now for a pick your team style break, where I chose the Ravens.  I player collect Joe Flacco, and I used to player collect Ray Rice. I have no idea what I am going to do with his cards.
Here's a Jamal Lewis game used jersey...
And finally some cards I got from a 2014 Leaf Metal Draft baseball guaranteed hit break.  The players I hit, while they are no names, are actually pretty good.
Especially this Top Picks of Alex Jackson, who was the 6th pick in the draft.  He is an outfielder who was drafted by the Mariners.  This card is numbered to ten.

I went a little nuts today with it being Black Friday, and the deals being too good to pass up! I got a box of 2014 Topps mini baseball for 24.99 (with a free shipping code), and I also got a steal on a case of 2012 Topps Baseball Value boxes, where I'll get sixteen boxes with five packs of Series 1 and two hobby packs of 2012 Heritage, plus a chrome card.  I cannot wait to rip some wax!

Thanks everyone for reading! If you are into group breaks, or just want to try one out, check out Layton Sports Cards.  Until midnight tonight use code BLACKFRIDAY for 30% off any pick your team style break!  After tonight use LSC10 for 10% off any pick your team style break.