Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Brilliantly Simple Idea

Recently, Jeff from 2 by 3 Heroes contacted me about a card I posted, as he was interested in a trade.  Since I have been so busy I haven't traded or even posted too much in the last few months, partly because of the time it takes to gather, package, and ship big trades and type up posts.

I just don't have time for it right now, although I wish I did.

Enter Jeff's brilliantly simple idea of what he calls a "PWE" trade.  A PWE, as some (ok most) might know, is a plain white envelope.  The concept is awesome: a card for a card, up to the amount of cards that will only require a single US stamp.  This won't take hardly any time at all!

I like this idea, and I think it is one I'd like to try for some easy trades.  Clearly this isn't for high end cards, as no one in their right mind (except some ignorant eBay sellers) would send them in a PWE.  For this we are talking inserts, serial numbered, etc. I will work on getting a list together of the numerous serial numbered cards I have, as well as inserts.

Such a simple concept, yet such a great idea, Jeff!


  1. Thanks for the plug. Ironically, it actually was a dumb ass ebay seller that gave me the idea. Bought a 51 Topps blue back. Free shipping, but the guy puts the card sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard WITH NO PENNY SLEEVE! Ok - I can deal with the cardboard, but com'on.

    However, I figured if done right, we can easily do fast small trades for what we like. And really, if they get a slight nick, who's going to be so upset, right?