Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Few Sports Related Thoughts

Here are my sports related thoughts of the day.

1.  The Steelers look like bumblebees tonight.  Either that, or prisoners in yellow and black instead of white and black.  The numbers look like numbers on an alarm clock.  Their pants do not match either.  I get the whole throwback thing, but on Sunday Night Football in front of all of America? In those uniforms?


2.  As many know, I am a big Ravens fan, but I also don't root against the Eagles.  Did anyone see that debacle of a football game today?  The Eagles are horrible.  Terrible.  Depleted.  They are horribly banged up too, and to add insult to injury LeSean McCoy left the game today with an injury.  He is pretty much their only hope to score touchdowns these days.  They didn't score one touchdown today.

3.  What is the deal with Tim Tebow? Is he a quarterback? Is he a tight end? Is he just a publicity figure for the Jets and Rex Ryan? Does he even get into Jets games? I don't follow the Jets and all I see of him is what I see on highlights.  Usually it is "Tebow made it into two plays for three yards" or something like that.  Why did the Jets trade for him to sit him?

4.  Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are ageless. I decided.

5.  Fun fact to finish this off. Did you know? The Philadelphia Phillies have won a game more recently than the Eagles. True (and very sad) story.

That is all for now. Enjoy your night everyone!

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  1. More thoughts....we need more! It beats listening to that drivel on ESPN!