Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ray Rice vs. Fourth and Twenty-Nine

Did anyone see the Ravens game? Did anyone see a player I collect--Ray Rice--convert a 4th and 29 to keep the game going in the fourth quarter?  I feel like a proud parent or something since I collect him.

You can stop laughing at me now.

That was the longest fourth down conversion in 11 years!  Amazing stuff.

My boy Joe Flacco also had a sweet long pass to Torrey Smith, who made a hell of a grab in order to get some yards down field on the final drive of the game.

What's better, did you see what Ray Rice did last week against the Steelers? After the Ravens beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh, Rice needed to dry off a bit.
Said Rice, about the towel incident:

"A fan traded me my gloves for the towel," ... "I didn't stomp it or do anything wrong. I actually walked out with it, and I think I'm going to save it and put it in my basement to cherish the rivalry."

Somehow I doubt the Steelers defense is going to buy that explanation.  Next week's game could be painful for Rice if LaMarr Woodley has anything to say about it.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Saw the game yesterday, As a season ticket holder I can't complain about there play at home but they certainly look like a different team on the road! A WIN IS A WIN, and I'm not giving it back! lol. I will be down on Sunday and hopefully Big Ben plays so the Steeler fans have no excuses for another loss. This goes back aways but I have a terrible towel too a pissed off steeler fan throw it at me at old Memorial stadium after a game when the Ravens won asked him if he wanted it back all he said was just keep it! nice memory of a Ravens win over the Steelers!