Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When Good Guys Go...Bad(?)

Adderall is a drug is commonly used to treat ADHD.

It is also the drug that got Carlos Ruiz suspended for the first 25 games of the 2013 season.

“I am sincerely regretful for my mistake in taking a prohibited stimulant,” Ruiz said in a statement. “I apologize to my teammates, the Phillies organization and the Philadelphia fans. I will serve the imposed 25-game suspension to begin the season and I look forward to returning to the field and working toward bringing a championship back to Philadelphia in 2013.” -

Here are my thoughts on this.

1.  I don't get it. MLB players know how strict the drug policy is. Time after time we hear about players getting suspended for usage of banned substances.  So this leads me to ponder: why the hell would a player risk his career and reputation like this?  If you want to know who has been suspended and when, check out this link here.

2.  If you were to tell me that a player on the Phillies tested positive for a banned substance, Carlos Ruiz would be near the bottom of the list of players I would suspect.

3.  Does Adderall use warrant a lesser suspension than steroids? It appears so. 25 games for a stimulant rather than 50 for steroid use. This was mildly interesting to me.

4.  Chooch is a fan favorite in Philadelphia.  He is revered as an all around good guy.  I wonder what this infraction will do to his image.  I know that when I think of Ryan Braun now, the first thing I think of is steroids, even though he was found to have been cleared.  I don't know if an athlete can ever shake the stigma once it is upon them.  Personally, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of names such as Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Raphael Palmiero, I don't think of their accomplishments on the field. I think of how they are suspected of cheating and skewed records.  I'm not equating Ruiz with those players in terms of caliber, but I am simply using them as a reference point.

5.  Does this make Ruiz "bad?"  I don't think so. I think he made a bad choice, as many do. But I think I share the collective sentiment of Phillies fans when I say, "but why does it have to be him?"  Ruiz still is the quintessential good guy on the team, but even good guys make bad choices every once in awhile (see: Freddy Galvis).  The thing is, most of our choices aren't played out on a stage for the world to see and criticize.  And blog about.  

6.  This opens the door (potentially) for a few catching prospects in the Phillies organization.  A blessing in disguise?  Could my new player collection guy Tommy Joseph get `a shot at the big league level, or will it be Sebastian Valle?  Erik Kratz will get the starts while Ruiz is out, and based on his performance last season he   is a viable replacement.

7.  Right now is not a great time to be a Philadelphia sports fan.  The Eagles have lost 7 games in a row and have thrown in the towel.  The Sixers aren't that great. The Flyers, along with the rest of the NHL, are on strike.  And now Philly's chosen "Chooch" has been suspended for the first 25 games of the upcoming season.

I think the crack in the Liberty Bell might have gotten bigger.

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  1. Andy Pettitte.

    People Like him and hist steroid issue seems to be just a footnote in his career.

    with the 2013 HoF ballot looming we will really sick of hearing about Steroids by opening day.