Wednesday, December 12, 2012

And a Few Days Later, More Trade Stuff

Confession: I actually have felt guilty that I haven't been able to post as frequently to this blog. During the season the post frequency is at least four or five times a week, but right now that just isn't possible.  I know time and time again I bitch about how busy I am, with work, life, etc., and how that gets in the way of collecting and blogging, and every time I do that I roll my own eyes and tell myself to stop whining, because really, you guys don't care (and I don't say that in a bad way).  You just want to read about and look at baseball cards.  That's why you're here and that's why I blog.  Well, also because I like it, and collecting is a passion of mine, but I digress.

The thing is, I just don't want to write crap posts all the time, because I know when I put a half assed effort into a post just to get one up here for the sake of posting, and I sense my readers know this too.  So when I do get a chance to post these days I try to make the posts at least semi-good and/or show some cool cards.

More truth is that I haven't been able to read many of your blogs recently either, so I am quite grateful when you guys reach out to me with trade proposals. This is exactly what Tim, from Home of the Toddfather did awhile back.  He wrote me recognizing that I didn't have much time for huge trades these days, so he suggested a simple PWE trade.  I sent him a few Todd Helton (and others? I cannot remember!) cards and he sent me the cards below.

These are two 2012 mini Gypsy Queen Halladays.  I show the back  of these cards because honestly, I think they are more interesting than the front.
 Here is an absolutely studding 2012 Halladay Chrome purple border card.
And finally, a beautiful Michael Jack Schmidt Golden Greats insert that I needed.

Thanks Tim, for the trade!

As always, thanks for reading the blog, everyone.  Even if I'm not here everyday, I'm certainly not going away permanently.  I also cannot wait for baseball to start again, and for all the 2013 products to be released!


  1. Don't worry about the whining. I'm here for cards, but I also like card blogs with personality.

  2. Can I copy and paste the first couple of paragraphs to my blog...great stuff.