Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dime Box Past, Expensive Present

Things have been nuts the past few days, so blogging has had to be put on hold.  Long story short, I had water in my basement and I had to have that problem rectified quickly. Throughout terrible rain storms, bad melting snow storms, and earthquake and a hurricane, I have never had water in my basement.  But for some reason my basement could no longer handle a simple rain storm.  Murphy's Law.

Needless to say I had the issue fixed.  Boy, that was expensive!

That aside, how about some baseball cards?
Going through those dime boxes I talked about last post, I came across a stack of these sweet Ted Williams Collection (brand?) Mike Schmidt cards.  They are a set of 9 and I found seven of them.  The cards have a textured kind of feel to them which you can sort of see in the scan below.  They feature Mike Schmidt in various stages of his career and in various stages of awesome vintage Phillies uniforms!
The thing I like most about the card above are the stirrups he is wearing. I remember back in the day when I played softball I wore those kind of stirrups too.  A bit of nostalgia, if you will.  
From the past on to the present.  No, this card was not found in a dime box, but I got a decent deal on it. Tommy Joseph insert cards are pretty popular and they go for decent money, so snagging this for five bucks wasn't bad in my opinion.  I am looking forward to seeing Tommy in Spring Training for the Phillies this year.  Also, I am sold on the fact that the Richmond Flying Squirrels might be one of the best minor league names I've read recently.  I am sure I have seen it before but for some reason I especially enjoy it tonight, when I can use a chuckle or two!


  1. (Puts his swim trunks back in the drawer)

    So this isn't that indoor pool you were talking about? Well, I am glad it wasn't too bad. You'll let me know about the pool though, right?

  2. The Flying Squirrels might be a great name for a team, but the logos and mascot looks more like a skunk!