Saturday, January 19, 2013

R.I.P. Earl Weaver and Stan Musial

There have been two deaths of legendary hall of famers these past few days.  Stan Musial and Earl Weaver.

I went to the Orioles FanFest today and had a great time. I will share that experience with you later.

However, there are a few pictures that I think are timely and you guys might find interesting.
This is Earl Weaver's #4 statue outside of Camden Yards today.  You can see someone has left roses on it.
This was Earl Weaver's statue inside Camden Yards today.  The O's organization had a very large wreath with orange and white roses next to it.  Someone left an orange lei, orange beads, a beer, and an Oriole's hat.  It was an interesting scene.  Everyone standing near the statue was not talking. It was a sort of unofficial memorial service with everyone standing around and reflecting on thoughts of Weaver.

As you know, Stan Musial also passed away today.
This is my Stan Musial autographed ball. Musial was 92. Everything I have heard of him has been so positive. He sounded like he was a great guy who treated everyone equally.

More on the FanFest soon...

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  1. Thanks for posting the Earl Weaver photos - it is nice to see folks were thoughtful enough to honor him at the sites by the ballpark.