Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Majestical True One of One

A few weeks ago I was in a 2013 Topps Triple Threads baseball break at Layton Sports Cards.  I like Triple Threads, but as I have come to learn about Topps' products, odds are that you are going to get a lot of the same team and the same players in a case.  For example, I have never seen a case of TTT opened where there wasn't a Johnny Cueto card pulled.  Another big name often pulled is Devin Mesoraco.  I always see Reds cards pulled from this product, and usually they have multiple hits per case.

It was a random break, and the time came for the randomizer to determine who got what team. Unfortunately, I got the Blue Jays/Indians combo spot.  Group breakers combo sometimes combo teams that don't have a lot of hits in a product, hence the combo I got.  I really wasn't expecting much, if anything from the break, considering both of the teams weren't popping up a lot in other case breaks I've seen.

Box after box after box was opened, and no hit for me.  Then...just as I was ready to give up all hope...

This was pulled: 
An Anthony Gose 1/1 Majestic logo jersey patch! For the Blue Jays! My team!  I was pretty excited, to say the least.  Gose is a former Phillies prospect who was sent over to the Astros in the Roy Oswalt trade.  The Astros then traded him to the Blue Jays in the Brett Wallace transaction.

This card is one of few true 1/1s I have pulled.  I have gotten lots of 1/1 printing plates, but for some reason they don't seem to hold the same luster as a card such as this.  What am I going to do with this card?  It's currently on eBay. I expect it to sell for around $30 or so, considering Gose isn't exactly a household name.